Juro que eu nem tava procurando por notícias relacionadas à Itália, mas, isso caiu no meu colo!

via Strelka Institute.

Strelka’s professors, of course, work on many other projects besides tutoring at the Institute research themes, and tell students about some of them. This Wednesday Stefano Boeri — architect and editor in chief at Abitare magazine, director of Designresearch theme at Strelka, gave a talk on as many as six of his projects, connected to one common topic — turning Milan green (literally, turning it to a buried in verdure) city.

Six different solutions, which the architect brought together under the tag BioMilano, are currently being on display in British School at Rome. This show happened to be the fourth event in Three Cities in Flux program, dedicated to renovation of London, Rome and Milan.

In June Ricky Burdett, director of Cities and Urban Age program in London School of Economics (LSE) and London Olympic Games 2012 organizing committee consultant, gave a lecture at BSR and in October British architects from Allies and Morrison bureau took London as a good illustration for their talks on the masterplan designing rules they established.

Stefano Boeri projects showed in Rome, which he told Strelka students about, are devoted to a different thing — to solutions, which organically connect the city with lived-in but nonfunctional countryside and nature. Boeri suggests six solutions:

Vertical Forest — skyscrapers with trees growing on each floor;

Wood House — cheap social housing in Ticino river valley woods. Buildings made of local wood are pulled down and recycled after a while to give birth to new trees;

Courtyard Farms — renovation of sixty abandoned farms on the outskirts of Milan (not only these grounds can be used for fruit and vegetables gardens, but also for biofuel production and school kids lessons);

Metrobosco — green belt around Milan;

Industrial areas renovation program — turning them into social green and semi-agricultural territories;

And finally the most celebrated project — architectural program for Expo 2015, to be hosted in Milan. Topic is already announced: Feeding the planet, Energy for Life, and Stefano Boeri suggested giant kitchen garden to be built as exhibition space (you can find many pictures with descriptions here and a video of presentation in Expos headquarters on Boeris’ website).

All these projects were created at different time and on different occasions — for example, idea of Metrobosco, green belt around Milan, was developed four years ago under direction of Boeri in multiplivity.lab laboratory in Politecnico di Milano.

But now these solutions were not only brought together in one show — Boeri program article in Abitare June issue, entitled Arguments for a Planetary Garden (written as an introduction to Expo 2015 kitchen garden), gives theoretical reasons and suggests holistic approach to city and nature collaboration.

Modern Europe resembles kaleidoscope, — says Boeri in his article, — in which «bits of glass» of multiple purposes are blended — urban, rural and industrial areas, suburbs, fields and forests. They all are tightly adjoined, intersected and mixed, and of course, nature and ecology hand loss to city and industry.

Boeri believes there is no way back to old idyllic times when clear boundaries between these areas were set. There is a need to find ways for their natural integration by arranging new hierarchy, where anthropocentrism can give way to a more reasonable approach. Projects from the series BioMilano are examples of new pictures, which could form this kind of kaleidoscope if it obeys different rules.


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